Empower Our Girls

Here are ways that you can take a stand and demand the positive representation of black women in the media:


Boycott stores and brands such as H&M, Polo Ralph Lauren and Urban Outfitter, just to name a few, that have been vocal about their lack of support for black models, black youth, and black people as a whole. These brands, as well as several others, have made discriminatory statements about black models, the black youth that purchase their clothing and the black community. Don’t give your money to these companies that don’t support #BlackGirlMagic.

Social Media

As you can see, I love hashtags. Social Media hashtags act as mini-vaults of ideas, feelings, and societal views. Simply using hashtags such as #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackExcellence act as mini chants of cheer that prove to uplift the spirits of young black women and the black community as a whole.

Letters to the Editor(s)

Whether it be a television channel, a newspaper, or  a fashion magazine, you need to become vocal and demand a sort of “editorial affirmative action.” Demand that you see black woman being depicted in print and on the big screen in a more positive light and ultimately playing more positive roles. No more “mammys,” “jezebels,” and sad slave stories. You must demand more images of strong black women as successful doctors, successful lawyers, and as #CarefreeBlackGirls.

Share, share, share

The retweet button on Twitter and the share button on Facebook are powerful weapons. Whether it be a positive video depicting young black queens and their success, or even a video showing the negativity that the lack of representation inspires (cue the five year old black girl twerking on a dining room table), you must spread the word of representation and let society know you are an active member of the fight to change the stigma.